Of course, when the new books come in on Tuesday, June 9, they’re not JUST quirky (sometimes referred to as “weird”) books. There are also some new books from well-loved authors, which probably will show up on the bestseller lists as well.  Here are a few of the new and likely to be hot books:

Dead Ice by Laurell K. Hamilton is a new Anita Blake mystery.  In this one, Anita is dealing with the repercussions of her engagement to Jean Claude, a vampire, and helping the FBI with what originally seems like a case of zombie porn.  Anita quickly discovers, however, that the actresses in the films are not real zombies but are still alive and under the influence of the worst kind of voodoo.  Can Anita find who’s behind this and stop him?

Joseph Finder’s new book, The Fixer, is about an investigative reporter who’s hit rock bottom, losing his job, his home, his fiancee.  He’s forced to return to the decrepit house of his father, who’s institutionalized as a result of a stroke. To his surprise, he discovers millions of dollars in the walls of the house.  Naturally, that means his problems are just beginning, as he tries to find out where the money came from and what other secrets his father kept from him, at the same time other people are trying to stop him from unearthing those secrets, at any price.

People loved Annie Barrows’ last book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, which was a favorite of book clubs as well as a bestseller.  Her new book, The Truth According to Us, should be another good, entertaining read.  This one is set in Depression era West Virginia, as a former socialite joins the WPA’s Writers Project and begins, with the help of a twelve year old girl, to uncover the truth of the girl’s family and the history of the town in which she lives.  Advance reviews call it irresistible and a charmer of a novel.

Come in and check them out!



  1. Great selections. Don’t forget to include Oliver Sacks’ memoir, On The Move, his story of his life as a physician and neuroscientist. Lots of good books to enjoy this summer.Thanks to the staff at the Field Library for keeping us readers current and so wicked smart!


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