Even though the weather isn’t cooperating at the moment, we all know it’s actually summer, and that means vacations and beaches are in our near futures.  Which means it’s time to find that perfect book to take on vacation or to the beach, and the Field Library has some great new candidates for your reading pleasure.

And if you’re NOT going on vacation or to the beach this summer, all the more reason to grab a beach read from the library: lost in a good book, you might not even notice that you’re not at the beach (all right, that’s not completely likely, but it’s possible, right?).

Let’s start with Mary K. Andrews, always a good read, not too heavy, with lots of atmosphere.  Her newest book, Beach Town, is already on the shelves. The book is about a movie location scout finding the perfect beach town for the movie she’s working on.  She needs to succeed with this one, to prove herself after a recent disaster.  Trouble is, the mayor of the town in question doesn’t really want the place overrun with movie people (especially the quirky people involved in this movie), and the heroine herself begins to wonder whether she’s doing the right thing or not.  Take a vicarious trip to the beach with Mary K. Andrews on this one.

Blueprints, a new book by ever popular Barbara Delinsky, is coming to the library on Tuesday, June 9. It’s about a mother and daughter facing major life changes, in their personal and professional lives at the same time.  Mother and daughter worked harmoniously together on a home renovation television series and a family business until the network decides the daughter, rather than her mother, should be the show’s new host.  While they’re still reeling from that blow, a sudden death of a family member throws their lives into further chaos.  Can they cope?  Can they rebuild their lives and their relationships with each other?  Delinsky is a master at family relationships, and this should be an absorbing read.

And if you’re in the mood for books about friendship and families, follow Dorothea Benton Frank to the Lowcountry area of South Carolina where so many of her bestselling books have been set.  Her new book, All the Single Ladies, comes out on June 9.  The main character, Lisa, is a nurse who became attached to one of her cancer patients who dies early in the book. Lisa draws closer to the dead girl’s friends as they all come to terms with the meaning of her life and death, and are inspired to make changes in their own lives.  Open this book anywhere at random and you’ll find something funny or vivid or both.  Make the acquaintance of Frank’s characters in her beautiful part of the country and you’ll be carried away.



  1. Enticing titles and authors. Plus you reminded me to put a hold on the summer book I want to read at the pool this weekend. 🙂


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