If you want to lose yourself in a dynamic, exciting read, head for the Field Library and check out our newest mysteries and thrillers, by authors you know and authors you might not have heard of yet. Let’s start with bestselling author Brad Meltzer.  His new book, The President’s Shadow, arrives on our shelves on Tuesday, June 16, and begins with an arresting premise: a human arm is discovered, buried in the Rose Garden at the White House. Whose is it? Is it a threat?  And if so, who’s being threatened?  Beecher White, a young man with an ordinary title but a secret responsibility to protect the Presidency, begins to investigate the arm and its meaning, and his investigation takes him deep in to American history, to uncover a shocking secret. Eleanor Kuhns, beloved author of A Simple Murder, Death of a Dyer and Cradle to Grave, takes readers back to 18th century New England in her new novel, Death in Salem, where a young woman is accused of murder and a man tries to prove her innocence while navigating the murky politics and secrets of a town with much to hide. As usual, Kuhns brings the setting and the characters to vivid life and engrosses her readers in an intriguing whodunnit. For a different, and darker, read, there’s Tom Wright’s new novel, Blackbird. Set in the deep South, on the Arkansas-Texas-Louisiana border, it opens with the crucifixion of a woman the day after a terrible storm. Detective Bonham, investigating the horrific crime, recognizes the victim as Dr. Deborah Gold, the town’s psychologist.  Who would do such a thing and why?  The investigation brings him to questions of cults and therapy, the victim’s relationships with other people in the town and area, and deeper questions about violence and savagery and small-town life.  Not for the squeamish (as you might guess from the opening scenes), but for those who like a walk on the dark side, this should be an enthralling read. Moving from the deep South to the Maine portion of the Appalachian Trail, Paul Doiron’s book, The Precipice, presents Game Warden Mike Bowdoin and wildlife biologist Stacey Stevens with a pair of missing hikers amidst increasingly savage coyote attacks in the area. When two corpses are found, the bones picked clean by coyotes, the obvious question is whether these are the missing hikers, and of course the coyotes are blamed for killing them.  But the obvious answers are not necessarily the right ones, and it may be that there are other predators, more dangerous and deadly, hiding behind the bad reputation of the coyotes, and these predators are still active. Come check out the new thrillers and mysteries and get away from it all.


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