Come in to the Field to discover the latest books by bestselling authors, hot off the presses!

James Patterson, whose output volume is almost frightening, has a new standalone thriller arriving on our shelves on June 22, called Truth or Die.  His main character, a lawyer named Trevor Mann, accidentally comes into possession of a secret so powerful that governments as well as terrorist organizations all want to get their hands on it.  Mann, together with his sidekick, a teenage computer genius, have to protect the secret from getting into the wrong hands. Of course, the first and harder task is to figure out which are the wrong hands.  This is James Patterson, so you know it will be a quick roller coaster of a read.

A master of suspense, Mary Higgins Clark also has a new book coming out on Tuesday, June 23. The Melody Lingers On brings a young interior designer, Lane Harmon, into the middle of a mystery when she starts a job at the home of a missing financier.  The financier in question disappeared years before, along with the billions of dollars invested in the fund he managed. Lane is drawn into the question of the man’s fate when she meets his wife (or widow?) and his son, both of whom believe in his innocence.  As Lane develops feelings for Eric, the financier’s son, she doesn’t realize she is putting her life and the life of her four year old daughter into jeopardy. Will the truth come out? And if it does, what will the truth cost Lane and those she’s becoming involved with?

Lizzy and Diesel, the protagonists of Janet Evanovich’s Wicked series, return in a new mystery, Wicked Charms, on the 23rd as well. Here LIzzy and Diesel are thrown into the search for a Stone of Avarice, supposedly buried as part of a famous pirate’s treasure a hundred years before.  They are, of course, not the only ones seeking this treasure, and some of the other treasure hunters are desperate enough to do anything to get what they want.  A swashbuckling adventure with Evanovich’s trademark charm and humor, this book should thrill all Lizzy and Diesel’s fans and make new ones as well.
Candace Bushnell may not be as much of a household name as Patterson, Clark and Evanovich, but as the creator of Sex and the CIty, she’s quite experienced at writing fun books that entertain millions.  Her newest book, Killing Monica, obviously plays on her own fame and history.  Pandy Wallis, the main character, is sick of her famous character, Monica, the star of a series of novels made into movies.  Pandy, like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wants to write something completely different, but her public, her publisher and even her husband all want her to keep writing Monica books, like it or not.  Given an opportunity to reinvent herself, Pandy leaps at the chance to get away from her character once and for all, with the help of her ex-best friend who plays Monica in the movies, and who may or may not want the same things Pandy does. Filled with wit and delicious details about life in the fast lane, Killing Monica is a fast fun summer read.


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