For those who want their blood pressure raised and their brains challenged to solve new and intriguing puzzles, we have some fascinating new mysteries and thrillers coming to the Field in the near future.

Out this week, on June 23, is The Cartel, by Don Winslow, which brings us to the terrible Mexican-American drug wars of the last decade.  DEA agent Art Keller retired in 2004 after sending Adan Barrera, head of one of the worst cartels, to prison. Keller hoped this would end Barrera’s reign of terror once and for all, but when Barrera is released and starts rebuilding his empire, Keller begins a ten year odyssey to get rid of Barrera forever.  Is he seeking justice or revenge, and what will it cost him to “win” in this case?  The background of the drug war draws the reader from Mexico to Washington, DC, to Berlin and Barcelona, as powerful cartels battle for domination and corruption is everywhere. This should be an engrossing read.

Daniel Silva, a well known bestselling author, adds another to his string of successful spy thrillers starring Gabriel Allon in The English Spy, released on June 30.  The book begins with the explosion of a bomb on a yacht occupied by the former wife of a British prince. Gabriel is called into action to track down a notorious but famously elusive bombmaker and merchant of death, Eamon Quinn, and on the trail with Gabriel is Christopher Keller, a British Commando turned assassin.  Pulse pounding action, twists and turns, international intrigue: what more could you ask from a thriller?

There are many different sorts of heroes and heroines of the mystery genre, but the protagonist in Time’s Up, by Janey Mack, which comes out on June 30, may be unique in her profession.  She’s a meter maid.  Not that Maisie McGrane intended to end up in that role.  She wanted to follow her father and brothers into the police department, but when she got expelled from the police academy, she had to lower her expectations.  However, she hasn’t given up hope nor her sense of justice, and when she happens across a dead body, even though her police officer brothers warn her off further investigations, she’s not going to stop digging until she finds out what happened and who was responsible. Maisie is gutsy and determined, and we can only hope this isn’t the last we’re going to see of this character.

Excitement, intrigue and vivid characters: come to the Field and get acquainted.


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