A summer read for twisted minds, Bum Rap, by James Levine, arrives at the library on July 1. How can you not love a character whose motto is “Buckle your chin strap and hit somebody”, especially if the character in question is a lawyer?  Granted, he’s a lawyer who used to be an NFL linebacker (this particular piece of advice is not usually taught in law school), but still, when you have to hunt for a vital witness who might save your client’s life or might be killed by the Russian mob if you don’t get to her first, that attitude could be very helpful.  Set in Miami, the book should be an entertaining mix of suspense and humor.

A former kidnap victim, trying desperately to put her four years of captivity behind her and move on with her life, is horrified to learn that her kidnapper has managed to escape from the psychiatric hospital where he’d been confined for years.  Reeve LeClaire, the heroine of What Doesn’t Kill Her, by Carla Norton, is put in a nightmarish position: little as she wants to even remember her time with Darryl Wayne Flint, she may be the only person who knows him well enough to be able to stop him. Reviewers have called this a nail-biter of a novel, with a memorable and courageous heroine to cheer for.

It’s always unsettling to discover that a person close to you is not what you thought he was. It’s more unsettling when your discovery is prompted by the sudden and ugly death of that person, and when it appears that your pets were responsible for killing him. This is the situation in which Morgan Prager, the protagonist of The Hand that Feeds You, by A. J. Rich, finds herself.  Not only is her fiancee brutally killed, apparently by her dogs, but she discovers she wasn’t his only fiancee and basically everything he told her was a lie.  And then his other fiancees are murdered, one by one, as well, and Morgan’s quest for the truth takes on a personal urgency.  A chilling book for the hot days of July.


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