CIRCLING THE SUN COVER

Paula McLain has a rare gift for taking the lives of real people who lived in extraordinary situations and bringing them to life in fiction.  Her last book, The Paris Wife, took readers to Paris of the 1920’s through the eyes of Hadley Richardson, soon to be Hadley Hemingway, and brought the Lost Generation to vivid engrossing life.  The book was a favorite of book clubs and continues to be very popular among readers looking for an absorbing read.
Now Paula McLain is coming out with a new book, Circling the Sun, about Beryl Markham, a famous pilot, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic from East to West.  As is usual with McLain’s work, Beryl emerges here as a flawed but lovable human being, a girl raised in Kenya in the early 20th century, more at home among the Kipsigis people who lived on her father’s estate and with the animals of Africa than with the expatriates who were supposedly her peers. Unhappily married, Beryl had to make her own way as a horse trainer, which brought her into contact with people like Karen Blixen (the author of Out of Africa) and her lover, Denys Finch Hatton, who later became Beryl’s lover as well and helped her realize her true self and her true destiny.
Set in a world very different from 2015 New York, with larger than life characters, both real and fictional,  and imbued with that deep sympathy for her female characters that’s always a part of Paula McLain’s writing, Circling the Sun, which comes out on August 4, should be a terrific read for people who are familiar with 1920’s Kenya and those who know nothing about the period, the place or Beryl Markham.  Don’t miss it!


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