Dinosaur Lords and Three Moments of an Explosion: New and Strange

dinosaur lords cover

How can you not be eager to read a book which is described (by George R. R. Martin, no less!) as “like a cross between Jurassic Park and Game of Thrones”?  The book is Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan, and it’s coming to our shelves.  The world is sort of like 14th century Europe, but a 14th century world human beings (and other mammals) share with dinosaurs and other “prehistoric” creatures.  Imagine dynastic wars fought by armies of knights mounted on huge duckbilled dinosaurs!  The possibilities are mind-blowing, and by all advance reviews, the author seems to have taken full advantage of his setting, his characters and yes, his dinosaurs. Look for the very distinctive cover on our “Hot Off the Press” bookshelf soon!

three moments of an explosion cover
And if you’re interested in a different kind of weirdness, may I recommend Three Moments of an Explosion by the always fascinating China Mieville?  The author, who has won the Hugo Award, the World Fantasy Award and the Arthur C. Clarke award (three times!), is known for his wild imagination, his vividly realized worlds different from but often related to our own, and his brilliant prose.  This latest is a collection of his short stories, spanning genres from horror to realism to fantasy, and even people who aren’t familiar with his other, famous works (Perdido Street Station, or Un Lun Dun or The City and the City, for instance) will find wonders to enjoy in this book.


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