What better way to spend the dog days of summer than curled up with a good book in air conditioned splendor?  And what better time to read an unusual, perhaps even odd, certainly quirky book, than in the tail end of the summer?  With that in mind, we have several new quirky books for your perusal.

the incarnations cover

Suppose you’re just going through an ordinary day, doing your job as a taxi driver, and you get a note from an anonymous person who claims to be your soulmate who has come looking for you. Suppose you got another letter from this same person, describing one of your past lives which you don’t remember, and then there’s another letter, and another, filled with details which link you to this supposed soulmate.  Then you start to feel someone’s watching you, possibly this anonymous soulmate.  What would you do?  This is the intriguing premise of The Incarnations by Susan Barker, newly arrived in the library.  Set in Beijing, the book mixes history, folklore, suspense and intrigue in an epic combination.

fishbowl cover

Too epic for you?  Too hot to consider thousands of years of history and reincarnation?  How about a more focused book, taking place over a very short period of time? Consider Fishbowl by Bradley Somer. As the title suggests, this is a book told from the point of view of a goldfish, but not just any goldfish. Ian, this goldfish, has decided to see more of the world than he’s been able to view from his bowl in an upper floor of an apartment building, so he leaps out of the fishbowl and is airborne, falling past all the other people living their interesting lives in the apartment building. You wouldn’t think this would be enough to sustain a book (and it is a fairly short one), but you would be wrong.  A book with heart and humor, Fishbowl has been compared to The Art of Racing in the Rain and Tales of the City.


Fish a little too dull for you?  Are you a dog lover?  Have you ever wondered how the first dogs were domesticated?  Are you a fan of novels about prehistory (Jean Auel’s works, for instance)?  Have you read and enjoyed books like A Dog’s Purpose?  In that case, you should definitely try W. Bruce Cameron’s newest book, The Dog Master, set 30,000 years ago in the time of the first ice ages amid the human species’ struggle to adapt to a completely new and different environment.  The book is a coming of age story about a disabled boy who tames a wolf cub and bonds with it in the midst of hostile human tribes and environmental catastrophe.  It’s been described as impossible to put down, and a real treat for animal (and especially dog) lovers. And of course there’s something satisfying about reading a book set in bitter cold when the temperatures hover around the 90’s outside.


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