let the great world spin cover

Do you love books?  Do you love discussing books, arguing about them, sharing your brilliant insights about books with other people who also care about books and love to read?  

If so, then you’re in the right place.  The Field Library Books Notes book club is starting up for the new year, with the first meeting on September 19 (that’s a Saturday) from 11:00 to 12:30.  There will be refreshments and there will be discussions, possibly even passionate ones, about the book, and it will be fun.

The book we’re reading for the first meeting is Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann.  This is not a new book; it came out in 2009 and won the National Book Award that year.  If you’ve read it before, it’s well worth another read, and if you haven’t read it before, you’ve got a treat ahead of you.

Let the Great World Spin is about New York City in 1974, when Philippe Petit (who is not named in the novel but who is definitely a character) walked on a tightrope between the then-brand-new World Trade Towers, while beneath him a variety of New Yorkers interact in painful and surprising and redemptive ways.  It’s a great snapshot of a different time, when nobody had cell phones, when the internet didn’t exist but was in the process of being shaped (there are hackers calling from California to phone booths in New York to find out what’s going on, and there are computer programmers sent to Vietnam in the beginnings of Arpanet), when the Twin Towers were a symbol of hope and not a memory of disaster, when the city was grittier and felt more in danger of falling apart entirely.  It’s a book filled with death but also with hope, with vivid characters whose connections are surprising and believable, a book overflowing with a sense of New York and New Yorkers.

We’ve got copies behind the desk, ready to be checked out by anyone who’s interested in coming to the first meeting.  Come and join us for lively discussions and intriguing books!


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