Interested in trying out new worlds, new views of how our world works?  Check out our new science fiction books at the Field and give yourself the treat of expanding your horizons.

the mechanical cover        the rising cover

Let’s start with robots and a world in which they’re powered by alchemy and acting as servants to the powers that run the world. Sounds like classic science fiction, right?  And of course you can imagine what happens next, especially when I mention that the books are being narrated by one of the robots.  OF COURSE there will be a rebellion, but what kind of rebellion it is, and how it goes and what new problems arise when the robots take matters into their own (mechanical) hands: that’s what makes a series interesting.  The series in question is called The Alchemy Wars, by Ian Tregellis.  The first volume, which came out in March of this year, is called The Mechanical, and presents a world in which the Netherlands became a superpower in the 17th century by virtue of the invention of mechanical men, called Clakkers, an army of which destroyed or defeated the other armies of the time, with the exception of the French, who fight for the equality of all men, living and mechanical.  Jax, a Clakker, was designed to obey his masters but still feels the urge for freedom and takes action that shakes the foundations of the carefully built world around him.  The newest book, The Rising, picks up where the first book left off, with Jax reborn and facing the dangers of freedom, the former head of the French spy guild captured by the Clockmakers’ Guild, her mortal enemies, and the leader of the Free French in North America prepares to defend his country against the Dutch hegemony and its armies of clockwork soldiers.  If you like steampunk, alternative history and lots of action, this series is for you!

the prison in antares cover

The Prison in Antares, by the excellent writer Mike Resnick (winner of five Hugo awards), takes us to a different future, where a transgalactic coalition has achieved dominance due to a terrible weapon, the Q bomb.  The Democracies have finally come up with a defense against the bomb, though most of the people involved in creating that defense were killed in the process.  The one survivor, Edgar Nmumba, has been kidnapped by the Coalition, and it’s up to a group of Dead Enders to try to rescue him from the most closely guarded prison in the Coalition.  Action and adventure in the best classic science fiction tradition await!



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