Are you having trouble finding new and interesting books to read?  Are you the kind of reader who pays attention to a couple of authors and rushes to the library (or bookstore, if you’re that type) when one of those authors has a new book out but doesn’t know what to do in between the new books by those authors?  Do you sometimes have the vague feeling that there’s a whole world of books and knowledge at the library that’s just outside the limits of your sight but you don’t even know where to start?  Would you like to stretch your reading boundaries and find new things to read?

Boy, do we have an offer for you! And just at the time when everybody’s thinking about the new year and making resolutions to better themselves, too!

Book Riot every year offers a challenge for readers.  It’s called the Read Harder Challenge, and this year the Field Library is going to join in the fun and sponsor the challenge for all adults (and teenagers) who want to expand their reading horizons and have a great time in the process.

The rules of the challenge are here:


All you have to do is read books that fit these categories, and then you get to check off the category.  If you complete all the books, we’ll give you a certificate, and you’ll be invited to a party at a local restaurant to celebrate your wonderful reading (and even if you just get 80% of the categories checked off, you’ll still get an invitation to the party!).  There may also be stickers and prizes for reading certain of the books or reaching certain levels of participation — stay tuned for details.

Of course, we’re all about self-improvement and naturally nobody would enter a challenge like this in a competitive spirit BUT we are going to keep track of how the teens do and how the adults do, and if it turns out that more adults succeed at the challenge than teenagers, we the adults will get a certain amount of bragging rights.  This may not motivate everybody, but some of us (and here I’m including myself in the group) find a little competition makes things more interesting.

How do you get started?  Come to the Circulation Desk and sign up!  We’ll set up a sign up sheet for you, and whenever you read a book that covers one of the categories (horror book, nonfiction book about science, a book published in the decade when you were born, etc.), you come by and tell us and we add it to your sheet.  We’ll have information available to help you find books in some of the more unusual categories, and we’ll cheer you on as you go.  And who knows?  Maybe in 2016 you’ll find some new authors you love, some new genres that fascinate you, or just a wider sense of the world available to you in the library.

I’m in!  Join me!



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