Continuing with the Field Library’s Read Harder 2016 Challenge, I took the next easiest choice on the list and read a book under 100 pages.

Actually, that’s harder than you would think, especially if you’re looking at adult books and not children’s books.  There are many relatively short books, but finding one under 100 pages is a bit of a challenge.

little book of etiquette cover

The book I chose was The Little Book of Etiquette, by Rufus Cavendish, which is on the new nonfiction shelf (when it’s not checked out by someone else doing the challenge), and in many ways it’s the perfect quick read.  It’s dryly humorous but still accurate (describing the rules for things like writing thank you notes and other letters, for giving or attending a formal dinner party, for how to dress in response to different occasions), with modern details involving cell phones and emails, interspersed with information about how the rules used to be (no matter how bizarre and useless you think the rules for meeting people via dating websites are, trust me, the rules of bygone days when you had to leave calling cards before you could even visit a person you wanted to become friends with, let alone the secret ways a single lady could communicate with a gentleman, are so much more complicated and ridiculous).  If you don’t have time to read through a more complicated book of etiquette, or you’re doing the challenge with us, I recommend The Little Book of Etiquette as a splendid and entertaining way to launch into the topic and cross off a category on the list.




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