Are you ready for a good creepy book, set in a fictitious town here in the Hudson Valley?  Hex, by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, is coming out next week and should be a real stay-up-late-reading-with-the-lights-on kind of book (and also it qualifies as a horror book for the 2016 Reading Challenge, for those who are looking for a good book in that category).

The book, a bestseller in the Netherlands where it was first published, takes us to a picturesque Hudson Valley Town, Black Spring, which has been haunted for three centuries by Katherine, the Black Spring Witch, a disturbing figure who wanders the streets of the town, appearing in children’s rooms, her eyes and mouth sewn shut.  Everyone in town knows that something terrible will happen if ever she opens her eyes.

Anyone who is born in the town can’t leave.  Anyone who settles in the town stays there.  The leaders of the community use high tech surveillance to keep track of the witch’s presence and wanderings at all times, and to make sure her existence and her actions are kept secret from the outside world.  The program is called HEX, and it has kept stories about Black Spring out of the world’s knowledge for decades.

However, times are changing, and while teenagers in the past might have disliked the restrictions living in Black Spring placed on their lives, there wasn’t much they could do about the situation.  Modern teenagers, by contrast,  believe they can do something about their isolation and their sense of living under perpetual lockdown.  So when Katherine shows up in the room of one of the boys, he takes pictures of her and posts them on social media, thus upending the town’s whole structure and bringing all kinds of unintended consequences, not just on them but on everyone in the town.

Who was Katherine?  What would happen if she were able to speak or to open her eyes?  What happened in the town in the past that brought this curse on them? What will happen when the secrets of Black Spring go viral?  Dive into the bizarre and creepy world of Hex and find out!


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