So maybe you’re planning to go to the beach this summer and relax, or maybe you just can’t make it this year, try as you might. Whether you’re physically going to the beach or not, you can still enjoy the whole summer beach experience (vicariously) by diving into these new beach reads on the shelves at the Field Library, authors you can count on to give you everything but the sand between your toes.

the weekenders cover

Mary Kay Andrews is known for her summer books combining a great sense of place with intriguing characters in complicated situations.  Her latest, The Weekenders, is that kind of book. Riley Griggs is waiting for her husband to show up on the Friday ferry to Belle Isle, North Carolina, where they have a vacation home, but to her surprise, she is served with foreclosure papers on the house.  Not only that, but her husband does not show up and she has no idea where he is or what’s happened to him. She turns to her friends on the island, but they have secrets and problems of their own, and she needs to uncover the mysteries of the island and the husband she may not know as well as she thinks she does, as the clock ticks down.

all summer long cover

All Summer Long, by Dorothea Benton Frank, takes us back to her favorite area, the Carolina Lowcountry, where so many of her books are set, to introduce readers to Olivia Ritchie, a prominent New York interior designer and her husband, Nick Seymour, an English professor. They are traveling one summer with Olivia’s billionaire clients and considering their own move from New York to Charleston, South Carolina.  Nick is looking forward to changing their lives, slowing things down, but Olivia is not sure she’s ready to make the change, and over the course of the summer they’re changed by their experiences and the whose lives they glimpse.

the island house cover

Nantucket, Massachusetts, is the scene of Nancy Thayer’s new book, The Island House.  Courtney Hendricks is not an islander by birth, but since college she’s been vacationing on Nantucket with her then roommate, Robin, and Robin’s larger-than life family.  At 29, Courtney is a college professor in the midwest, returning for one tumultuous summer to share Robin’s family’s adventures and woes, but also to make a big decision about where her heart and her future lie. A family saga with a rich, full cast of characters, love, secrets and the beauty of Nantucket: what’s not to like?


The suicide of a famous chef, Deacon Rowe, is the event that brings all the characters in Here’s to Us, by Elin Hilderbrand, together on Nantucket Island, but don’t let that discourage you: the book is a warm celebration of life and love, as his first wife and childhood sweetheart, Laurel, brings his whole messy and extended family of ex wives and estranged children together to say goodbye to the man they all loved, in their own ways, and to make sense of his life and his death. Three women start off as rivals for a place in Deacon’s life but end up finding common ground and friendship in the aftermath.

Come to the beach at the Field, whether you’re going to an actual beach or not.



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