It’s summer and that means it’s the time for all the bestselling authors to come out with new books.  In the next couple of weeks, you’re going to see new novels by such hot writers as James Patterson, Danielle Steel, Stuart Woods,  Sherrilyn Kenyon and Debbie Macomber.  

bullseye cover

While it’s hardly news that James Patterson has a new book coming out (he seems to emerge with a new book every couple of weeks these days), still it’s always good to know which series is about to get its next update.  This week it’s the Michael Bennett series that gets the new book: Bullseye comes out on August 1 (Monday!).  In the midst of high international tensions, nearing crisis proportions, a husband and wife assassination team arrive in New York City to kill a professor with a scandalous secret, and after that, they have their next target, the very popular President of the United States.  Michael Bennett is pulled away from his family to try to stop these assassins before they create an international disaster.

dragonmark cover

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s bringing out a new book in her Dark Hunters series: Dragonmark, coming out this week. Illarion, the main character, was once a dragon, but that was a long time ago. Betrayed, changed into a human being, and forced to serve human armies as a dragonmount, fighting in their wars even though he loathed humans in every respect. Separated from his dragon brothers and everything he cared about, he has been suffering for ages. But now there’s a possibility he might be able to regain what he’s lost, but at a terrible price.  Is he human enough after all this time to be willing to let the world burn just so he can get what he wants at long last?

smooth operator cover

Many of Stuart Woods’ recent books have chronicled the adventures of his lawyer-hero, Stone Barrington.  But what happens when there’s a case too delicate for Stone to be able to handle it?  Then the powers that be call in Teddy Fay, a former CIA operative, master of disguise and man who’s willing to stretch the rules to do justice.  That’s what happens in Woods’ latest book, Smooth Operator, when the President calls upon Stone to do a delicate mission for her, and Stone has to supervise Fay’s somewhat idiosyncratic approach to justice and to the law.

sweet tomorrows cover.jpg

If you’re interested in something a little lighter, there’s always the very popular Debbie Macomber, who’s bringing her bestselling Rose Harbor series to an end in Sweet Tomorrows. Innkeeper Jo Marie Rose is still heartbroken after the departure of the man she came to love, Mark Taylor, who left abruptly to straighten out something in his past.  She refuses to stay stuck in grief and pain, and not only begins dating again, but takes an interest in a new boarder, Emily Gaffney, who’s rebounding from her own heartbreak and looking into the possibility of adoption.  As their lives intertwine and the characters need to take chances and figure out what they really want and what they’re willing to risk to get what they want, the series comes to a warm and satisfying conclusion.


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