Has this happened to you?  You love an author or a particular series by an author, you’ve read everything by the author or in the series and you’re just waiting for the next book.  Then you happen to see it, in an ad or in a bookstore, and immediately you run to the library and place a hold on it, only to discover that you’re number 329 in the holds queue!  Isn’t that incredibly frustrating?

Well, now there’s an alternative.  If you’re a Field Library patron, and there’s a particular author or a particular series you’re interested in, all you have to do is register and then when we order a book by this author or in this series, we will immediately put it on hold for you.  This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the first copy, but we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be higher in the holds list than 300!

How do you register?  There are a couple of ways: you can send me an email at with your name (and your library card number) and the author(s) or series you want to have put on hold for you, or you can come in to the library and sign up at the front desk with the same information.

Give it a try!  Get a jump on the holds for the hottest books and authors!