The newest thrillers at the Field Library ask creepy and disturbing questions about the past, whether we ever really know what happened and whether we necessarily want to revisit tragedies in our histories.

good as gone

In Good as Gone, by Amy Gentry, a family is nearly shattered by an inexplicable crime: their 13 year old daughter, Julie, is kidnapped from her bedroom in the middle of the night, the only witness her younger sister.  The crime is unsolved, but the family sticks together, holding onto the faint hope that Julie may still be alive and may one day come back to them.  Of course, the old adage is “Be careful what you wish for.”  When, years later, a young woman appears at their doorstep, claiming to be the missing Julie, safe and sound, everyone should be happy, but Anna, Julie’s mother, isn’t.  She has doubts.  She wishes she doesn’t have them, but she can’t escape them, and ultimately she ends up hiring a private detective to find out the truth about this person claiming to be Julie.  If you’re a fan of the twisty suspense novels where you’re never entirely sure who’s telling the truth, you should definitely read Good as Gone.


Twenty years ago, when Arden was four years old, her two year old twin sisters were stolen from the front yard of the family’s house in Keokuk, Iowa, while Arden watched. In Arrowood, by Laura McHugh, Arden comes back to the family estate, Arrowood, twenty years after the disappearance of her sisters, determined to find out what happened that summer.  However, small towns hold their secrets close, and Arden doesn’t realize how devastating the truth will actually turn out to be.

rise the dark.jpg

Mark Novak, the protagonist of Rise the Dark by Michael Koryta, lost his wife to murder while he was sleeping. Although Mark is a private investigator, the mystery of his wife’s death has been something too disturbing for him to delve into, until now, when the man convicted of her death is released from prison.  As Mark returns to the Florida town where his wife was shot, he begins to find disturbing clues that suggest her death was tied to a deep mystery in his own past, and he is drawn back to the mining towns of Montana where he was raised, the caves under Indiana, an abandoned Gothic Southern town and the darkest corners of the Northwest, where he comes face to face with an evil more frightening than anything he’s come across professionally.

watching edie

When she was young, Edie was wild and beautiful, creative and fascinating.  She made a stir wherever she went and thought her life would always be that way, but it wasn’t.  Now, at the beginning of Watching Edie, by Camilla Way, her dreams haven’t come true at all.  She’s a 33 year old waitress, pregnant and alone, overwhelmed by her responsibilities and feeling desperate that nobody is around to help her. Except that someone is, her old friend Heather, who’s been watching her for years, who appears on Edie’s doorstep when Edie needs her most.  Or when Edie thinks she needs her most, because Heather is not what she seems and her interest in Edie is much more sinister than she lets on. In Watching Edie, the past is never quite dead, and the ghosts of old hurts are just waiting for new opportunities to get revenge.


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