ashes of fiery weather

There is something wonderful about a book that spans multiple generations.  I confess to having a real  soft spot for family sagas (I grew up reading R. F. Delderfield and Susan Howatch, who wrote novels you could dive into and live in for weeks, following different families through generations of love, loss and the business of life), and also a soft spot for books about Irish Americans (not really surprising, considering my background), so I’m delighted to announce that a new book, Ashes of Fiery Weather, by Kathleen Donohoe, is coming to the library on August 30, is a saga about seven generations of Irish American firefighters in New York City, starting with the matriarch escaping the Potato Famine in Ireland, and culminating in the World Trade Towers on 9/11.

And, just to make this even more intriguing, the story isn’t told by the men of the family, but by the women, who bring a different perspective to the excitement and losses of a firefighter’s life. Stoic, tough, raising their children and themselves and even becoming one of the first female firefighters in the city’s history, these women bring history to life and sweep you up into a world you may have only seen in passing, while at the same time they’re the kind of women you’ve probably met and admired (even, perhaps, in your own family) all your life.

Let yourself be absorbed into the world of firefighting, the world of an extended Irish American family in New York City, and the history that shapes us all.  Check out Ashes of Fiery Weather.



  1. Hi Nora – I’m looking for books to suggest for our book-club: paperback or electronic only (no hard-covers), fiction. Looking for something that would generate a good discussion. We’ve enjoyed everything from Memoirs of a Geisha to 1000 White Women to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Currently reading The Signature of All Things (UGH, I doubt I’ll finish it…). Any thoughts??


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