The Field Notes Book Group has chosen our book for our next meeting, and it’s a doozy: Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss.  The author won a Pulitzer Prize for his food writing (he’s the guy who uncovered the “pink slime” that was used in hamburgers in a lot of fast food restaurants), and this particular book won the James Beard Foundation Award for Writing and Literature.  Are Americans becoming more obese because we’re lazy and too stupid to choose proper, healthy foods?  Are we consuming so much sugar and cheese and vast amounts of salt because we want to?  Or are we being cleverly manipulated into overeating and eating the wrong things because the large food companies have deliberately taken advantage of our biological proclivities to sneak extra sugar and salt and fat into our foods?  Moss investigates the history of how our food has become less and less healthy and how we’re becoming more and more obese and the way the biggest food companies have dodged accountability for their role in Americans’ declining health in an eye-opener of a book.

Copies are currently available on hold at the Field Library, so come in and pick yours up today!  We will be meeting on Saturday, October 15, from 11 to 12:30 at the Library gallery.  Coffee and donuts will be provided, though, in the circumstances, people might want to skip the donuts.  Come and enjoy a provocative read and what promises to be a fascinating discussion.


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