The beginning of October brings all kinds of good books by bestselling authors.  Get ready to put them on hold (or take a chance and come in and find express copies on the shelves) and settle in for a great read.


John Sandford has a new book starring Virgil Flowers, and, to everybody’s surprise, it doesn’t have Prey in the title. It’s called Escape Clause (and you wouldn’t have found it because you probably would have been looking for something with Prey in the title, admit it!), and Virgil has his hands full in this one.  On one hand, two Siberian tigers have disappeared from the Minnesota Zoo, and the authorities are afraid the animals have been stolen for their organs, which are prized in Chinese medicine.  On the other, more personal hand, Virgil’s serious relationship with his girlfriend, Frankie, is jeopardized when Frankie’s sister moves in and starts making the moves on Virgil.  As the two challenges intertwine, Virgil has all he can do to keep his head above water.


Naturally, James Patterson also has a new book coming out, this one the latest in his Private series, called Missing. Eliza Moss comes to the agency looking for information about her disappeared father, who happened to be the CEO of a high-profile research company.  It should be an easy enough matter, except that it’s not just the man himself who’s disappeared: there don’t seem to be any traces of his past anywhere, as if he had never existed at all.  What kind of people could make someone disappear that completely, and why?  Private isn’t the only one looking for this man, either: there are ruthless people who want to find him and other ruthless people who want to destroy him altogether, and the question becomes, who’s going to get to him first.


Two by Two is the newest book by Nicholas Sparks, and, like all Nicholas Sparks books, it explores the nature of love and relationships with tear-jerking reality. Our protagonist is Russell Green, a 32 year old man who seems, at the beginning of the book, to have it all: a successful career as an ad executive, a beautiful house in Raleigh, North Carolina, a wonderful wife and a lovable six year old daughter.  Below this shining surface, however, there are serious fault lines Russell is ignoring, and when the crash comes he is utterly devastated, left without job or beloved wife, trying to pick up the pieces as a single parent. His new life is both terrifying and emotionally fulfilling, testing him beyond anything he ever imagined.


And while we’re on the subject of emotional books, Jodi Picoult is coming out with a new book in October as well, and, like many of her books (especially her most recent, The Storyteller), it turns on issues in the news, showing the human costs of political questions.  In this book, a white supremacist couple comes to a hospital for the birth of their child, but insists that Ruth, a black nurse, not be allowed to touch their baby.  Ruth is reassigned and a white nurse handles the delivery.  Later, when the baby goes into cardiac distress when Ruth is on duty, she hesitates before performing CPR.  When tragedy occurs, Ruth is charged criminally, and is assigned a white public defender who really doesn’t want to bring race into the case.  As the two people prepare for what is going to be a bruising, painful trial, they begin to learn more about each other’s lives, and the deeper issues facing them. Expect a heartfelt book that keeps you reading through the night, with characters you care about.  


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