It’s October, the first frost has hit, the leaves are beginning to turn, everywhere you look people are decorating their houses for Halloween, so naturally here in the Field Library it’s time to come in and look for the newest Christmas books.

Yes, you can roll your eyes and gnash your teeth and talk about how nobody waits for the right holidays anymore, but the fact is, Christmas novels tend to come out in October (with a few laggards in November), and we’ve already got several and are due to get more, written by well-known and well-loved authors and ready to get you in the holiday mood.  


Let’s start with Debbie Macomber, whose newest book is Twelve Days of Christmas.  In it, an openhearted, friendly woman, Julia, gets along with everybody around her, with one conspicuous exception: her standoffish neighbor, Cain, who rebuffs all her efforts to be friendly to him. She even catches him stealing her newspaper, which drives her to the ultimate reaction: she’s going to win him over, killing him with kindness.  She even starts keeping a blog, called “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” to keep track of her results, which are pretty discouraging.  She makes him homemade cookies and other goodies and he rejects her.  Her blog, however, becomes a sensation, gaining more and more followers.  When Cain begins to soften toward her and she begins to fall for him (come on, this is a Debbie Macomber book — you know what to expect!), she’s faced with a dilemma: should she tell him about the blog and risk destroying his feelings for her?  


Elin Hilderbrand, known for years for her summer books chronicling life on Nantucket Island, has branched out in recent years with a winter-based series, also set on Nantucket.  Her newest book, Winter Storms, is the third book in this trilogy and brings the series to a winning conclusion.  The Quinn family, preparing for a what they hope will be their best holiday season in ages, comes together on Nantucket.  There are reasons to be hopeful and even joyful: a wedding is on the way, and one member of the family who was missing in action in Afghanistan, may have been found.  There’s plenty of family drama, though, and a powerful blizzard is approaching the Eastern Seaboard, taking aim at Nantucket and the Quinns.  Holidays and drama and the beauties of Nantucket: what more can we ask?


Lauren, the protagonist of The Christmas Town, by Donna Vanliere, has reason to dislike the whole Christmas season.  She spent most of her childhood as a foster child, longing for her mother to come back and give her the home she so desperately wanted. Now she’s 20, working as a cashier, and endlessly subjected to onslaughts of Christmas carols over the loudspeakers and an excess of Christmas decorations all around her. One night she leaves her shift and can’t bear to go directly home to her empty apartment.  Driving around, she finds herself witnessing an accident and then she’s drawn into the small town of Grandon, and its fundraiser for a home for single mothers and their children.  Is it possible she might have found the home she’s been looking for, and in the process, something of the true Christmas spirit?  

Get yourself in the seasonal spirit with our new Christmas books — even in October.


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