Those who have been following this blog will remember that around this time last year, I entered into the 2016 Reading Challenge, courtesy of Book Riot (which titled it the “Read Harder Challenge”), and invited anyone who was interested to stretch his or her reading horizons to join me.  We would take a journey together over the course of 2016 in which we would read books in twenty four different categories; to “win” the contest here at the Field Library, a person would have to read 80% of the categories, or 19 books.

We have winners! Lots of winners!  Sixty six people originally signed up for the contest, out of whom 33 read and reported reading at least one book.  Out of those 33 actual readers, 14 won the contest, reading at least 19 books in categories including “Read a horror book”, “Read a book aloud to someone else”, “Read the first book in a series by a person of color”, “Read a book by an author from Southeast Asia,” and “Read a food memoir.”  As a group, we read an amazing total of 452 books over the course of the year!

But obviously it’s not just about the numbers (impressive as the numbers are).  I personally have read books this year that I wouldn’t even have thought to look at in other years, and I read a lot.  It’s been great fun, discovering new writers, different genres, and sharing the adventure with other readers in the area. If you ever feel as if you’re in a reading rut, or if you just can’t seem to find something new and interesting to read, join in the next Reading Challenge.  I’ll be announcing it as soon as the new list comes out, and you know I’ll be leaping in and cheering on anyone who joins in.


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