It should be no secret to anyone who knows me or anyone who’s read this blog that I am a HUGE fan of Neil Gaiman, the brilliant writer of fantasy and the creator of the extraordinary Sandman series of graphic novels (if you have not read Sandman and have any interest in graphic novels, stop right here and run, don’t walk, to get your hands on the series; you’ll thank me for this).  One of the areas in which he’s long been interested is the Norse myths (though he’s also interested in Greek/Roman myths and fairy tales and Shakespeare and lots of other things), which you could tell, not only from the Sandman series but from his Hugo award winning book American Gods (Mr. Wednesday, anyone?), and so it is with great joy that I announce that Neil Gaiman has just published a new book called Norse Mythology, and it’s available right here at the Field Library.


For those who are unfamiliar with Norse mythology, as compared to the more commonly known Greek/Roman mythology, or whose knowledge of Norse Mythology comes from the Marvel movies about Thor, Gaiman’s book is a great place to acquaint yourself with a universe of giants and dwarves, deities, battles and prophecies, and the great battle of Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods and the birth of a new universe.  Meet Odin the All-Seeing, meet Thor, Odin’s son, very strong but not necessarily the brightest of gods, and meet Loki, son of giants, a master manipulator and trickster, among other famous and infamous characters, and follow the arc of the gods from the beginning of the world to their inevitable end.  And the fact that it’s all told by Neil Gaiman, in his inimitable voice with his novelistic brilliance and wit, just makes it more fun.  



  1. Re: American Gods — did you know that it will be a mini-series to be shown on Starz in April? Ian McShane will be playing Mr. Wednesday. Neil Gaiman is one of the producers, so hopefully he can keep it on track.


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