Are you waiting to see when your favorite bestselling author is going to release a new book?  Perhaps following a series and holding your breath until the next one comes out to relieve your suspense?  Well, we have a number of new books coming out in April from bestselling authors, so put in your holds quickly or come to the Field Library soon to get your express copy.

all by myself alone

In the first week of April, Mary Higgins Clark’s newest mystery, All By Myself, Alone, will be released.  In some ways this is a classic mystery setup: Celia Kilbridge is on an ocean cruise with various other people, including a very wealthy woman with a priceless gem.  Three days out to sea, the wealthy woman is dead and the gem has disappeared. It’s not quite a locked room mystery, but the thief and murderer must be someone on the ship, and it’s up to Celia, a gem expert herself, together with newfound friends on the cruise, to find out who did it and why.  Unfortunately for Celia, the closer she gets to the solution of the mystery, the greater the target she becomes for the murderer.

the chosen

If your taste runs to more paranormal stories, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a new book in J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Chosen, which is also coming to our shelves the first week of April.  Layla, the chosen, a new mother, is the only person who can save Xcor, leader of the Band of Bastards and convicted traitor to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, from torture and death, but she has to convince the brotherhood to give Xcor a chance to prove himself.  Their love for each other is hopeless unless they can somehow bridge the chasm dividing their worlds without causing more war and destruction of everything they hold dear.  With the return of an old enemy and the emergence of a new deity, nothing is safe in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

the burial hour

Jeffery Deaver has been writing books in his Lincoln Rhyme series for twenty years now,  and is still going strong with his thirteenth book, The Burial Hour, coming out the second week of April.  When a man is kidnapped in broad daylight, according to the 8 year old who’s the only witness, and a small noose is left at the scene as the only clue, Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are called in to help investigate.  Things become more complicated when another kidnapping, done in an almost identical fashion, takes place across the ocean, in Naples, Italy.  The intricacies of coordinating an investigation with officials from other countries are bad enough, but Rhyme and Sachs soon realize things are not what they seem, and shadowy parties around the globe are interested in this investigation.

one perfectl ie

Lisa Scottoline is a bestselling author who can do series (the Rosato & Associates books, for instance) and stand-alone thrillers with equal ease and skill.  Her next book, The Perfect Lie, coming out in the second week of April, is a stand-alone book, a family thriller set in the suburbs. A single mother is worried about her son who’s very shy but so talented a high school pitcher that his future, both in college and in the major leagues afterwards, seems assured, except that he’s falling under the influence of a teammate, an outwardly successful and brilliant young man who’s hiding a much darker side and a past that doesn’t stand up to close examination.  When a stranger comes in, impersonating a teacher, and a beloved teacher dies in what might be a suicide or might be murder, the mother realizes she’s in a fight for the life and very soul of her son, a fight she can’t afford to lose.


the fix cover

People who have been following David Baldacci’s Amos Decker series will be delighted to know there’s a new book coming out in mid-April that continues Decker’s high profile adventures.  In The Fix, Decker is working on a murder-suicide that occurred right outside the FBI headquarters.  The location makes it suspicious enough, but Decker is having a hard time connecting the shooter and the victim and finding a motive for the crime.  He’s ordered off the case, but it becomes clear to him that finding that connection is vital, not only for his career, but for national security itself.



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