You know what it’s like: there’s a hot new book you’re dying to read, but it seems as if everybody else in the world (or at least in Westchester County) is also dying to read it at the same time. You’ve put it on hold, of course, but when you check where you are in the holds queue, you’re disheartened to discover that you’re in triple digits.


Often there’s an express copy available at The Field Library, especially if the book is really popular or has won some major award (for instance, The Underground Railroad, which won the National Book Award AND the Pulitzer Prize this year). The advantage of an express copy is that it doesn’t go out on hold, so it’s going to come back to this library when the current reader is finished with it, and it can’t be renewed, so it will come back to the library reasonably quickly.  However, the disadvantage of an express copy has always been that you can only take the book out for seven days, and sometimes you just can’t be sure you’ll have the time to read the whole book in only a week.


Now there’s a solution to the timing problem: starting in May (that’s now!), we have changed all our express books so that they have a lending period of two weeks, not just one.  So you can get that new hot book and actually be able to read it!  Come to The Field Library and take a look at what we’ve got available in the express section, and treat yourself to something new, hot, and hard to get.


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