Why should people have all the books written about them?  Just because people are the ones writing the books, that doesn’t mean every dog — and cat — shouldn’t have his or her day in literature, and there are two new books at The Field Library that give dogs and cats pride of place as protagonists and prime movers in novels. 

a dog's way home

Bruce Cameron is practically making a living writing about and from the point of view of dogs.  His earlier book, A Dog’s Purpose, was a bestseller and has been made into a major motion picture, and was followed by A Dog’s Journey and The Dogs of Christmas and his new book, A Dog’s Way Home.  Bella, the pit bull protagonist of this book, is a puppy who finds her person, Lucas, when she jumps into his arms from out of an abandoned building. She doesn’t understand why she’s not allowed to bark in her new home or why Lucas is trying to pretend she doesn’t really live there.  She loves going with him to his work at the local VA hospital, where she brings comfort and joy to the patients who need her.  However, her happy life is changed when she’s picked up by Animal Control because the city of Denver, where she lives with Lucas, has a rule against pit bulls.  Lucas tries to do the right thing by sending her temporarily to a foster home, but Bella has other ideas.  She wants to go back to her person and go back she does, over four hundred miles of Colorado wilderness, a journey that should be impossible but turns out to be an unforgettable adventure for all concerned.

molly and the cat cafe

Of course, not everybody is a dog person, and for the cat lovers out there (like me!), we have Melissa Daley’s Molly and the Cat Cafe.  Molly, a tabby cat, had a perfectly good life until her beloved owner died, leaving her to be re-homed with a household containing three cat-hating dogs.  Sure she can do better than this, two year old Molly sets out to find a good home.  The search is not going well until she finds Debbie, the warm-hearted single mother who owns a local cafe.  Debbie is struggling to make the cafe work and take care of her daughter, which becomes more difficult when a local troublemaker reports her to the board of health for having a cat in her restaurant.  Will she have to choose between Molly and her business, or is there a way Debbie and Molly can create the first Cat Cafe in the area?  Well, I’ve already told you I’m a cat lover, so you have reason to suspect this is not going to end badly for Molly, but if you’re in the mood for a heartwarming story about cats and their people, check out Molly and the Cat Cafe.



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