It’s May, the weather is just starting to change to late spring and the first hints of the heat and humidity of summer are in the air, so of course it’s a perfect time to start reading the new summer books at The Field Library.  Can’t get to the beach yet?  Dreaming of going to the beach?  Sate your need for sea and sand and all the drama of summer by checking out these new summer reads, available now.

the forever summer

What happens when you discover that everything you believed about your life was wrong, and you find yourself on Cape Cod with family you’ve never met before?  That’s the premise of Jamie Brenner’s new book, The Forever Summer.  Good girl Marin Bishop has always done what she was supposed to do, and it seemed as if it was working out: she had a great job, a fiance, and the hard-won admiration of her father, but then it all fell apart. Reeling from the loss of her job and fiancee, she meets a woman claiming to be her half sister, and finds herself on a road trip with this woman to meet the grandmother she didn’t know existed.  As Marin spends the summer in her grandmother’s B&B on the Cape, she discovers more and more truths about her family, her life, and where she’s going next.

same beach next year

Dorothea Benton Frank is a past master at bringing summer to life, and her latest South Carolina Lowcountry book showcases her magic.  Same Beach, Next Year is set on the Isle of Palms, one of South Carolina’s beautiful barrier islands.  It happens that two former sweethearts and their new spouses run into each other there, and at first there’s rekindling of old flames, flares of jealousy from new spouses and all the sort of drama you’d expect from a situation like that, but as the two couples return, year after year, to the same condominium complex, their relationships change and deepen.  Their friendships nurtured in this beautiful summer setting have to see them through life changes great and small, as the years and the summers pass.

secrets in summer

Nantucket is the setting for so many of Nancy Thayer’s bestselling summer reads, and once again it’s the scene of her newest book, Secrets of Summer.  Darcy Cotterill is a year round resident of Nantucket, living in the same home she grew up in and inherited from her grandmother, and she looks forward every year to Memorial Day and the beginning of the vacation season.  This year, however, she’s surprised to see her ex-husband, Boyz, renting the house next door with his wife and step daughter, and she’s even more surprised as she’s drawn into his life and concerns again.  Not that she’s just focused on him: there’s her relationship with a local carpenter to navigate, and her attraction to a new musicologist staying on the island, and her growing connections with a charming elderly neighbor, a teenager in trouble, and even her ex-husband’s new wife.  By the end of the summer she has to decide whether to stay with the comfort of her island life, or to take a chance on finding true happiness elsewhere.



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