Maybe it’s because the days are getting longer and people are starting to go on vacation, take breaks from the usual routine of work and home, but, whatever the reason, a number of bestselling authors are releasing their latest books in June, so if you’re a fan, or you’re looking for a spectacular beach read, take a look at these new books coming to The Field Library this June.

indecent exposure

Stuart Woods brings back his favorite character, Stone Barrington, in his latest, Indecent Exposure (is it just me or does it seem as if Woods is deliberately trying to come up with risque titles for his books?  Fast and Loose, Sex, Lies and Serious Money,  and now this one?).  This time Barrington, a successful lawyer and former police officer, finds himself thrust into the limelight, mostly against his will.  There are all sorts of complications to being known and watched, both personal and professional, which Barrington has to figure out, but the biggest problem he faces is one particular woman who’s stalking him with a tenacity that’s starting to get frightening, and makes Barrington fear not just for his reputation and his nearly-nonexistent privacy, but for his very life.

camino island

Another heavy hitter, John Grisham, has a somewhat different kind of book in his Camino Island. Instead of writing about lawyers involved in various kinds of trouble, he turns his sights onto the world of books, of writing and selling, twisting together some pretty complicated threads, including a heist of some priceless books from a secret part of Princeton’s library (books which Princeton insured for twenty five million dollars), a bookseller who’s known publicly for his dealings in rare books, and known in more confidential circles for his ability to acquire stolen books and manuscripts for the black market, and a young, blocked writer who’s approached by a mysterious stranger to go undercover and find out more about that bookseller, worm her way into his life and learn his secrets.  Naturally, there’s more going on than the young author is aware of, and she soon finds herself in over her head, and that’s where the fun really begins.

murder games

Not to be left out, James Patterson enters the scene with a standalone book called Murder Games, in which an expert on criminal behavior discovers that his textbook on the subject was left at the scene of a grisly murder, along with a playing card that seems to be a clue pointing to the next victim.  The police detective in charge of the case persuades the expert to join her in the investigation as another victim is found with a playing card by the body.  It’s a serial killer and he or she seems to be playing a deadly game with the police and with the expert. Can a man who’s an academic expert in the criminal mind actually think enough like a criminal to catch a murderer?  Or will he discover his own criminal side in the process?

the duchess

Later in the month, Danielle Steel comes out with The Duchess, a historical novel set in 19th century England.  Angelique is lovingly brought up by her aristocratic father in the wonderful Belgrave Castle, learning how to take over the running of the estate someday.  When her father dies, however, her half brothers run her off the estate and practically deny her very existence.  Despite her desperate circumstances, Angelique is smart and beautiful, and she is determined to regain her rightful place in the world. In Paris, she founds and runs a very special house of pleasure, catering to the most aristocratic men and employing the most sophisticated and beautiful women.  Even though it seems the whole world is against her, Angelique is determined to survive, and even thrive.


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