If you’re in the mood for suspense, for being kept on the edge of your seat, for reading a book you can’t put down, that will keep you up late in the night because you just have to find out what’s going to happen next, then we have some new books for you at The Field Library!


You may be familiar with Laurie King’s series of books featuring Sherlock Holmes and his wife, Mary Russell, so you might be surprised to see her name on a contemporary thriller, but she has written other mysteries and thrillers set in the present, and she’s no slouch when it comes to ratcheting up suspense in the contemporary world. Her newest book, Lockdown, takes place in a middle school on career day, a career day nobody who attends will ever forget.  From the beginning of the book, when you see that the statement of the school superintendent is being given to the police, you know something terrible is going to happen at that school that day, but King keeps you on tenterhooks for most of the book, getting to know the characters and their secrets and problems, before she finally sets up the explosion that’s been hovering over the characters from the outset. Horrible lockdown situations in schools are becoming more and more frequent, unfortunately, but Laurie King puts you in the middle of one such confrontation and makes you fear for the people involved, and what more can you ask for from a thriller?

the switch

Joseph Finder, in his newest book, The Switch, sets up a situation worthy of Alfred Hitchcock. Michael Tanner, an ordinary man, accidentally takes the wrong MacBook at airport security on his way home from a trip.  Curious, he opens it and discovers that this computer belongs to a U.S. Senator, AND that there are confidential files on that computer. When the Senator in question discovers that her computer is missing, she’s in a panic: taking those files was a violation of the law, and if this is discovered, her career is over. She sends her assistant to get the computer back from Tanner, and when gentle means don’t work, the assistant calls in a fixer whose methods are much less restrained.  The Senator’s not the only one out to get that computer; the agency from whom the files were stolen wants them back and has even darker methods of getting what it wants.  Tanner is on the run, a wanted man, with no idea of whom to trust, if anyone, his life in danger.

the ultimatum

If you don’t need your protagonist to be an innocent person, then Karen Robards’ new book, The Ultimatum, should be right up your alley. Bianca St. Ives, the protagonist of this book, is a thief, a grifter, a con artist, and very good at it. She is, at the beginning of the novel, running a multinational company with her father, swindling con men out of their ill-gotten gains, when things go wrong.  And by “wrong”, I mean she seems to have lost some critical government documents and two hundred million dollars.  Also her father got killed in connection with the job, so that’s definitely a bit of a problem.  Bianca’s father had been on the “Most Wanted” lists all over the world for years, and the U.S. Government doesn’t believe he’s dead even now,  and they’re out to get him, using Bianca as bait.  As all hell breaks loose, Bianca only has a fellow criminal to back her up, and it’s going to take all her skills to keep herself alive.


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