As the seasons change, it’s time to settle down with new projects, including new books.  And what better category of book to start your fall than a page-turning thriller?  We have several new thrillers at The Field Library that should give you exactly the pulse-pounding entertainment you need.

Charlatans, the new thriller by Robin Cook, starts with a classic Robin Cook premise: Boston Memorial Hospital, known for its medical innovations, has some new operating rooms set up as hybrid “operating rooms of the future,” and everything is going well until a perfectly healthy patient dies under anesthesia during surgery.  Noah Rothauser, the new chief resident, suspects that Dr. William Mason, an egomaniacal surgeon, made a mistake during the surgery and has been trying to cover it up by pointing fingers at the anesthesiologist, Dr. Ava Lincoln. Then more people start dying under anesthesia, and Noah has to figure out what’s really going on, and the more he investigates, the more interesting (for certain values of interesting) Ava turns out to be, with her multiple online personae.  His own and the hospital’s reputation on the line, Noah needs to determine which doctor is lying and why, before more people die under the knife.

Air Force veteran and PTSD sufferer Clay Hickman has escaped from the mental institution where he was being treated, in T. Jefferson Parker’s The Room of White Fire, and the people who were taking care of Hickman are desperate to bring him back. They hire Roland Ford, a private investigator who used to be a police officer and then a Marine, who saw combat himself in Iraq, to find Hickman. Ford has problems of his own, including his mourning the recent death of his wife, but he’s fairly good at finding people in general, so he assumes this won’t be too difficult. Nor would it be, if the people he’s dealing with were telling him the truth, but it seems that everyone he talks to about Hickman has a different story, and it becomes clearer and clearer to Ford that Hickman knows something that some desperate people would do a great deal to keep him from revealing. Down the rabbit hole Ford goes, into a treacherous world of powerful and dangerous people who force him to question his most basic assumptions about truth, justice and the American Way.

Allison Brennan brings together two of her series characters in her newest book, Shattered.  Maxine Revere is a reporter who’s brought into a case when her friend’s wife has been charged with their son’s murder, and the friend begs Max to prove her innocence. Unfortunately, the police and district attorney believe they’ve got the right woman and won’t share any of their information with an investigative reporter.  Looking for another angle, Max starts digging around in some cold cases involving the deaths of three other young boys, which leads her to the father of Justin Stanton, one of those dead boys.  He’s willing to help Max but only if she’s working with FBI agent Lucy Kincaid, the dead boy’s aunt.  Neither Lucy nor Max is thrilled with the prospect of working with someone else, and someone else she barely knows, but they both, for their own reasons, want the truth about Justin’s death and the deaths of the other boys. As they struggle through the tissue of lies and misinformation about the past cases, they begin to realize that Justin’s killer may still be out there, and may have already chosen the next victim, and they may already be too late to save this one.

As anyone who’s been reading this blog (or listening to me rant at the Circulation desk at the library) knows, I am sick and tired of this trend of using “Girl” in the title of books to suggest a link to Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. In the case of Erica Spindler’s new book, The Other Girl, though, I’m willing to let it slide, because the “girl” in the title really is an underage person, a teenager, in fact.  Miranda Rader is a police officer in Harmony, Louisiana, a well-respected, reliable person. But she had to work hard to earn that reputation and to live down her youthful reputation as a wild kid, often in trouble, and known to be a liar.  Kidnapped as a teenager, she escaped and tried to tell the police about the other girl kept captive in the same place, but nobody would believe her. Miranda has put that past behind her, she thinks, until she’s called onto the scene of a brutal murder of the son of a prominent professor in town, and discovers a clipping in his possession describing the night she escaped.  Then a police officer is found murdered, the same officer who took her statement that night, and evidence is found linking Miranda to the crimes.  The past, it seems, is coming after Miranda with a vengeance, and solving these murders will require her to face the things she’s long kept buried, including the nightmares of that other girl she left behind when she saved herself.

So set aside some time to get absorbed in a great thriller and come down to the library to pick up one of these hot new ones, and prepare to lose yourself in an exciting read.



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