Every month brings new books from your favorite bestselling authors, whether they’re new entries in longstanding series or stand-alones, and the month of October is especially loaded with hot new books by hot authors.

The last time readers encountered the famous symbologist Robert Langdon, it was in Dan Brown’s book Inferno, which came out seven years ago.  Now he’s back in Origin, once again on the verge of a discovery so vast and amazing that it will upend basic understandings of the world (the way the discoveries in, say, The DaVinci Code would upend Christianity’s entire origin story), and once again on the run from an enemy of seemingly vast power and reach who’s determined to keep this long-secret information secret. In Origin, the questions about to be answered are the most basic and most interesting of all: who are we, where did we come from, and what is our ultimate purpose?  The book starts with Langdon attending a fantastic presentation from a former student in Bilbao, Spain, but then, when the presentation is disrupted, Langdon and Ambra Vidal, the museum director who staged the presentation, have to escape Bilbao and possibly even Spain itself. The clues Langdon must unravel are hidden in the world of modern art, and will take all his ingenuity to figure out.  If you’ve enjoyed Dan Brown’s earlier books in this series, you’re going to love this one.

If you’re in the mood for a different sort of thriller, you can turn to the always reliable John Sandford, who brings us a new Virgil Flowers novel called Deep Freeze.  A few years before the beginning of this book, Virgil investigated what turned out to be a corrupt and murderous local school board of the small town of Trippton, Minnesota. He had hoped he was finished with the town, but now a local woman has been found murdered, her body encased in a block of ice. The murder seems to be connected to a class reunion coming up, from a class that graduated the local high school twenty years before.  In order to find out what happened and how the dead woman might be connected to the class reunion, Virgil is going to have to roll up his sleeves and dig deep into the traumas, dramas and bad blood of the last twenty years, and to discover that high school is, indeed, murder.

Another old favorite character is Harry Bosch, the star of Michael Connelly’s thrillers, and he’s back for two intertwining cases in Two Kinds of Truth, coming out at the end of October. Harry Bosch is volunteering to help out the San Fernando Police Department, mostly looking into cold cases, but you know he’s not going to stay in the background for long. When he’s called out with the three members of the town’s detective squad to investigate a murder of a young pharmacist, that’s the beginning of a case that will pull Harry into the sordid but lucrative world of prescription drug abuse and pill mills.  At the same time, a man Harry put in jail while Harry was still working for the LAPD claims Harry framed him, and says he has proof.  Considering the bad terms on which Harry left the LAPD, he knows his former fellow officers aren’t going to help him defend himself, so he has to take care of himself and protect his reputation as well as protect the community from a very clever and dangerous killer.

John Grisham returns to the world of the law after his brief detour into the theft of expensive books in Camino Island.  His new book, The Rooster Bar, starts with law school itself, a particular law school that seems to be more of a moneymaking scheme for the for profit company that owns it. Three friends, in the middle of their last year of law school, realize that they have gone incredibly deeply into debt to finance an “education” at a school most of whose graduates fail to pass the bar, let alone get decent paying legal jobs. When they dig into the background of the school and the company behind it, which makes most of its money on student loans, they come to the conclusion that they’ve been had, but also that there might be a way for them to get revenge on the power behind the scam, exposing the bank and its financier, and make a little money in the process. They would, of course, have to quit school shortly before graduating, which is crazy in itself.  Or is it?

But maybe you’re not the kind of reader who wants to read thrillers.  Maybe you’re a Danielle Steel fan, and if so, you’re in luck in October, because she’s coming out with a new novel, Fairytale.  Camille, the protagonist, had a wonderful childhood in the Napa Valley of California, with a beautiful home, the family wine business, and parents who were crazy in love with each other. But then Camille’s mother died of cancer, and the evil Countess de Pantin appeared and began making moves on Camille’s father.  Blinded by infatuated love, Camille’s father doesn’t notice the dark side of this sophisticated Parisian woman as Camille does.  Tragedy strikes, and Camille is at the mercy of her stepmother and the woman’s two nasty sons.  Camille first has to fight for her legacy, and then for her life, but she discovers some unexpected allies, as you would hope for in any version of the Cinderella story.  Leave it to Danielle Steel to give a new and modern variation on the classic story.



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