For the past couple of years I’ve been running reading challenges for patrons here in the Field Library, using the Read Harder challenge lists from the Book Riot site. And I have to confess that for the first year, 2016, it was a lot of fun, finding the books that fit the categories and enticing readers (including myself) to read them and try different things. A lot of people won the challenge that year and were delighted with their efforts.

But then came 2017, and the Read Harder challenge was less fun, more obscure. It was harder to find books here at the Field Library that would fit the categories (for instance, the book published by a micropress was absolutely impossible, so I cut that category out altogether), and I think I wasn’t alone in finding the choices to be less enticing.  

This year I’m running a reading challenge, but it’s a different one. It’s The Field Library 2018 Reading Challenge, and our goal is to explore the resources this library has that many people aren’t aware of.  The categories are broad and, if I do say so myself, sometimes quirky, but I believe it will be fun for anyone who wants to participate with me.

So if you’re interested, whether you’re someone who’s done both the previous challenges or someone who hasn’t even tried one before, or someone who’s interested in getting out of a reading rut but isn’t sure how to do it, come to the Field Library and sign up at the Circulation Desk!  We have multiple copies of the list and over the course of 2018 I’ll be posting lists of books that fall into each of the categories, with displays at the front desk.

Come and explore The Field Library’s collection and boldly read where no one has read before, or at least where you haven’t read before.  Join The Field Library 2018 Reading Challenge!


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