If you are a person who dislikes President Obama, then you can stop reading right here, because Hope Never Dies, a parody mystery by Andrew Shaffer, the author of the Fifty Shades of Grey parody, Fifty Shames of Earl Grey, could be described in one sentence as President Obama and Vice President Biden solve a mystery together.  If, however, the cover of the book makes you giggle, and if you’ve been enjoying the various internet memes with the two of them, then you should definitely put this one on hold (it’s very popular at this moment) and settle in for a fun read.

The premise is straightforward.  Joe Biden is feeling old and boring after the end of the administration, especially when he sees Barack Obama skiing and hobnobbing with famous people and leaving him out of all the fun.  But then he discovers that one of his favorite Amtrak conductors has just died in suspicious circumstances, leaving behind a widow and children. Biden doesn’t believe it was just an accident, and neither does Obama, who joins with Biden to investigate what really happened and whether the conductor was the real target or the accident was meant for someone else, someone higher up.

With a solid mystery and the Obama-Biden bromance that has ignited so many internet memes, Hope Never Dies is a lighthearted romp that’s just the thing to read if reading or listening to the news is too depressing.

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