Every so often you just need a feel good book. Nothing deep, nothing profound, the equivalent of a Friday Night Movie where you don’t have to think a lot but can just relax and enjoy what you’re watching or reading.  If you’re ready for a feel good book, or if you’re a cat person (we already have established that I’m a cat person, of course), let me recommend Talk to the Paw, by Melinda Metz.

It starts with Jamie, a cat lady who only has one cat, MacGuyver.  Jamie has had it with the whole dating scene; she’s tired of dealing with men who don’t want to commit, men who are totally full of themselves, and men who forget to mention that they’re married. She’s ready to focus her attention on MacGuyver, who’s a charming cat who also happens to have the bad habit of wandering around in the neighborhood and stealing things from other people’s yards and the like.

MacGuyver has ideas of his own, and doesn’t want his human to be lonely, especially when he recognizes that another human in the neighborhood, a male human, seems also to be lonely and in need of companionship.  MacGuyver steals something from David and stashes it at Jamie’s house, and then does the reverse, and as the two people are brought together to try to find their missing items, they begin to discover other things they have in common.

A cat as a matchmaker?  A cute cat who does matchmaking by stealing things and hiding them? Yes, this is a feel good book, and yes, there is a happy ending, and if you’re in need of some feline charm and a happy ending, come and take out Talk to the Paw.